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Lister CS 3/1 Spec 208/2


Have just bought an old Lister CS 3/1 with serial number 9064 and Spec 208/2.
I have not come across Spec 208/2 before. Can anyone shed light on how this Spec differs from the more common 208/12, 208/13 etc?

Contact Doreen Edgington at

She has the Lister records and can provide information such as the original purchasers etc. To my knowledge there is not a complete record of all spec numbers but some are known.

I will be highly interested to hear the end result on this.

The first thought that jumped to my mind was 208/2 could be "production line 2, year 1908, second quarter" or something like.
Maybe Febuary (2nd month) but going up to 13 would rule that out.

...but wondering now if it's based off drawing numbers or something else. Interesting indeed

The spec numbers do not represent a date of production. The spec numbers were given to each  design change over the years and also applied to special design orders. Thus a person could order parts via the spec number and the factory could look up that spec and the correct parts for that build were assured.


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