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How to remove tapered pin from injector cam.


I have to remove  & replace the injector cam on my Numex Listeroid. Is the pin driven in from the cam lobe side or the other side? There appeared to be no way of telling as both sides were flattened. It would appear on assembly that the roller injector follower was not centered on the cam as was the oil pump & the meshing of the cam gear was out by about 1/4 inch. The collective wisdom of this forum would be much appreciated.

Folks here will know better than me - but these cams seem to be many, many degrees out as has been widely commented-upon.  Can one just source a scrap 6/1 cam from someone who deals in old Listers and fit it?  Cheers

The injector cam lobe pins are driven in from the lobe side. The pump lobes are usually not a problem on singles or the #1 side of a twin unless the lifter has been adjusted so far out that the pump bottoms out thus putting the cam in a bind. Be sure to check that as you go back together.

Which direction is the cam out of alignment? too far in, or too far out? There should have been a thrust washer on the non gear end of the camshaft. It can be inside the crankcase or between the collar and outside to move the cam in out out. as needed. Most engines have then inside. There are other options depending on your situation and which way it is out of alignment

After grinding peened over flats on both sides & then drilling through the tapered pin I was able to remove the cam. The camshaft is too far in & given the drama I've had removing the pin & the fact that it has  run as is for 30yrs I'm prepared to leave it as is . I don't think the adjustment screw on the side of the follower has ever been touched & both the follower & the screw were in pretty bad shape, & there was a heap of play there,& 15thou wear on the follower. I'll see how a new follower fits & if necessary have a bush machined to suit new follower. Just waiting on parts now.


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