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116 mm piston


Moving on to the pistons, I was surprized to find they measure right at 116mm.
Is this common, and more important are there rings available?

I will need this sorted before final boring/honing of the aformentioned sleeves.


The original build specs are inch pattern but often given in metric equivalents that are close but not spot on. The original bore diameter qas 4.500" or often quoted as 114.3 mm.  Over size pistons were, and still are available in .010" increments. Using the  metric conversion a 116mm piston would equate to .060" oversize. Since you
stated the bores are chrome in your other post the work was very likely done by Lister. They always attached a tag to the cylinders with oversize stated. All oversize pistons were, and still are  stamped with the size. if they arey not heavily pitted and you scrape the tops you should be able to find .060 on them.  You may be able to get rings from Stationary Engine. Parts or from DEV in India. Sleeman Hawkin may have them but be sure to be sitting down when they give you a price.


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