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Also, if you watch the "repair" videos - those Indian "engineers" have got dismantling & "repairing" one of these down to a fine art.  Any village handyman can have one apart in half a hour.  Parts are dirt cheap and labour is almost free.  So they can be kept in service quite easily I would guess


This guy's interesting about what he needed to do to the Listeroid to get it good:

Rust in the tank, injector full of crud, fuel system leaked like a sieve, deck all wrong, leaked at the head . . .


--- Quote from: Ted Goat on April 09, 2022, 09:19:31 PM ---I sometimes wonder if the "bad ones", the "Friday afternoon" jobs get earmarked for export, knowing that they're not going to get sent back under warranty.

--- End quote ---

You and me both!
  I stock a lot of parts and 99% of what I recieve for parts are superior quality to what I see installed in  complete engines. I suspect that some of the parts for export engines are sourced from scrap piles. There is no way that the subject engine here would have run long enough to warm up.


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