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One word .....

U N B E L I E V A B L E !!!!!

How does an engine manufacturer train their employees to produce such a thing?
What baffles me further is that they actually give engineering students a tour of the factories.
As if to show them that "this is how it's done"  ???

You see here boys, this is where we use sand to break-in the engine prior to shipping


The first thing I examined when mine arrived was the con rod big end bearing.
Sure enough, a few grains of sand left from the factory "break-in" period.
It scored  grooves into the babbit and ruined it, fortunately the crank journal just needed a bit of polishing.

Later I checked every listeroid that I imported. All either had sand or excessive clearance.
I recommend everyone check the con rod bearing on a new engine.


My Ashwamegh 6/1 had about a 1/4 cup of sand. So must be their standard recipe is 1/4 cup per cylinder.
Seems about right. WRONG.

--- Quote from: 32 coupe on April 01, 2022, 01:12:25 AM ---When I did my Ashwamegh 25/2 I did the same procedure and ended up with
about 1/2 cup of sand and slag......the noise and dirt......good times !

I brushed on a heavy coat of white Rustoleum and have been quite happy with
the results through the years.

--- End quote ---

Ted Goat:
It's difficult to believe that nowadays something can still be so badly made, and unfit for purpose.

Looking at videos on YouTube, there looks to be thousands of Listeroids running daily in India, many look like they've been sat there for many years, happily running with no maintenance at all.

I sometimes wonder if the "bad ones", the "Friday afternoon" jobs get earmarked for export, knowing that they're not going to get sent back under warranty.
I know Listers used to do exactly the same with a faulty D type, it would usually end up being sent to Australia, knowing that it would never return.

32 coupe:
I've seen those videos as well.  You have to ask yourself if they are Lister or Listeroids.

I have 2 Listeroids and I do enjoy playing with them. I personally would never thrust them
in the long run. We have seen too many that have let go after a time.

I don't know of any Listeroids with hours on them like the original Lister engines we see videos of.

I have seen here where guys have a few thousand hours on them. But has anyone seen one with 5 or
10 thousand ? We have also seen them fail after 1 hour or hundreds of hours. Low time failure seems
to be mostly from sand or sloppy assembly.  Several longer term failures have been broken crankshafts.
That broken crankshaft thing scares the crap out of me. That's a lot of metal to be flying around !

Would I trust a properly assembled Lister ? Yes, I think I would.
Would I trust a  properly assembled  Listeroid ? Nope
But that's just me.


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