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Yessiree I have finaly located that Listeroid "manufacturer" with good engines. Customer left one here to be checked over. Literature says ISO 9001 manufacturer of top quality agricultural equipment, quanteed no sand and correctly assembled.  ;D  ;D ;D
Check out the garbage in this twin block! last pic is a pile of sand and slag I removed in about 20 minutes with a needle scaler, about 100 times what it would take to ruin the engine. Plus the oil pump intake was completely covered by a slipped core and casting flash.  This engine would have been toast in 30 minutes or less. People often ask, is it realy necessary to take them all the way down?? You all be the judge.

one pic at a time is all it lets me load, sorry

another one

This is about 2/3 of the sand and slag I removed, the rest is scattered on the floor.

i wonder what "iso" means to some of these guys?

i think the "s" has something to do with "sand" and maybe the "9001" is the amount of sand included in grams?

so lets see if we can figure this out

the "I" in "iso" has to stand for "Included"
the "S" in "iso" has to stand for "Sand"
the "O" in "iso" maybe stand for "Only"
and the "9001" is the amount of sand in grams?

yeah that must be the ticket!


bob g


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