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The kit comes with paperwork that recommends certain inner roll sizes, and maximum diameter. 

Cool, has anyone tried using a standard 10" water filter hosing and those paper/cloth filters for oil? I've seen people use them in diy bio-diesel setups to filter the wvo, even when it is being heated.

Gday powdermonkey,
I have no doubt it is adequate for spray painting but in that situation I will still use my water filters and my head mask designed for that use.
As for filtering oil in engines again I agree that any kind of filtration is far better than none. One of the reasons they stopped using this type here in Oz is that it was not adequate enough to filter all the baddies out of the engine oil in the trucks and at the cost of a rebuild they soon got a bad reputation as not filtering enough. Then as you mentioned there is no provision for a bypass for when the toilet roll is clogged up and in turn starves the engine for oil which is not good.
At the end of the day if I wanted to filter the engine oil on any of my engines I would fit a proper cartridge filter which oddly engine is what I did to my CD8hp which was a nice little set up off some VW model car unknown model. I am not being critical of your choice as to what to use on your engines just pointing out the risks

Here is a picture of his installation.  The oil line to the #2 side pump cam is a modification I do on all twins and he added the filter in line.

Neat looking system. Is the blue knob an adjuster for flow?
I was going to fit a 1/8" line up to the rockers on my CD but have not bothered to do it as yet.


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