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SR2 Crank Case Pressure


My SR2 started to blow oil from the D rings between the Head and the opening for the rods/ fuel pipes etc. I disassembled and reassembled the head making sure the seals were in good order and clamped everything back down accordingly. Starting is good. A small oil patch is still weeping out in the same area on both head joints. Talking to the helpful chap from Lister he said it might be pressure in the crank case caused by warn piston rings. When I take one of the caps off that expose the decompression arm I can feel air blowing out. Do any of you gurus have a take on this. Cheers.

Diesel Engineering:
The Lister SR engines should run with a vacuum in the crankcase. They rely on this to keep them relatively oil tight. The one thing you could check is the breather pipes in the cylinder heads to ensure there are no blockages. Apart from that I would go along with what you were told by the Lister agent. If you are getting any blow by of the piston rings this could certainly give this problem. The other thing to check would be the valves and valve guides to ensure a good seal.

That is great advise from Diesel Engineering and I agree that you should look at and confirm no blockages in the breathers and that the valves are seating well. After that it may well be a ring job.

Thanks will do and let you know. Cheers.


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