Author Topic: New member with a Lister ST1/Brush SCTF117  (Read 636 times)


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New member with a Lister ST1/Brush SCTF117
« on: March 01, 2022, 07:12:58 PM »
Hi all
New member here with some newbie queries.
I've just bought a Lister ST1 with Brush SCTF117 3kVA 1ph alternator/starter. It looks like it has practically zero working hours because the oil filter is the original with the original still unbroken green paint on it. Other signs are that there is no sign of the generator bearings ever having been greased, and zero wear of the brushgear. The air filter and housing is still clean. Oil on the dipstick is clear and golden. So far so good.

But it does have some (hopefully minor) problems, and I'm hoping someone can help........

I've started it first by hand, then on the battery, and it gives 230V no problem, but doesn't charge the battery on low or high charge settings. Inside the alternator brushgear enclosure the original selenium rectifier is still in place and I will change this for a silicon bridge rectifier. The small wirewound resistor across the rectifier appears to be intact, but the larger item under the opposite cover has two broken clamps. I'm thinking I will make replacement clamps out of some sheet brass.

So my questions are.
  • Does anyone have an owners manual and could send me a PDF of it?
    Is wiring diagram E9840256 included in the manual?
    If not where can I find one?
    Is there a regular reason why the battery charge circuit won't work, before I spend too much time checking it all out. I could use a battery charger, and will use a solar float charger, but would prefer to get it working.
    Does anyone have experience of fitting an AVR to these sets, as I understand they don't cope well with low power factor loads in their original setup.
    What does the larger resistor in the brushgear enclosure do?
I've already read a bit on this great forum, but most of the posts were a while ago, so I'm starting a new one.
I'm an electrical engineer so I should be able to suss it all out eventually.

Anyway, thanks in anticipation.



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Re: New member with a Lister ST1/Brush SCTF117
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2022, 10:18:42 PM »
Right. I've done my own wiring diagram by adapting one I found here on the forum.
A bit clunky to insert an image so I've added it as an attachment.
I hope this will help someone at some time.

So in answer to my own questions:-
  • The battery charge didn't work because the diode was open circuit. Check the simple stuff first!
  • The large resistor in the alternator brushgear enclosure is the main voltage control
  • The resistor in the alternator brushgear enclosure next to the diode controls the load regulation
  • I'll see how it goes before I try an AVR. It might be perfectly OK as it is.
  • Manual for the ST1 bought off eBay today.

Happy days! :)