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--- Quote from: veggie on March 23, 2022, 02:52:44 PM ---My Listeroid is a DI engine and it runs well on both BioD and WVO.

BioD - No mods needed. (Except for changing the crappy Indian rubber fuel line from the tank to the fuel filter. It will disintegrate.
           Modern fuel injector hose has a liner which is compatible with biodiesel.

WVO - I heat the WVO on the way to the injector using a Ni-chrome wire heater wrapped around the steel injector line.
            The other option is a coolant heat exchanger which passes coolant heat to the wvo on the way to the injector pump.

Blend - No mods needed (If you choose to run a blend, then no fuel heating should be necessary as the viscosity is already adequate.)

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Awesome, thank you for the input.


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