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Favorite source for methanol + potassium hydroxide

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Hello, I have a DI 12/2 Iím kicking around making bio diesel for. A family member runs a restaurant and can get me all the veg oil I want. Iím just trying to find the best sources for methanol and sodium and or potassium hydroxide. Who would have that stuff at a good bulk price?

Can't help you with the supplies but I must admit that when I logged on this morning I was very curious about the latest posting on the LEF!! :D :D

Lol! Thatís great.

So I found a source for methanol, the cost would be $5 a gallon. But I have a half baked idea for an alternative. E-85 is readily available in my area and costs about $2.75 a gallon. Has anyone tried making biodiesel using ethanol instead of methanol? And would the 15% gas (petrol) in the e-85 make it better or worse?! My thought would be better because biodiesel has a higher flash point than regular diesel, so a little gas (petrol) would help lower it closer to regular diesel. Or Iíll blow myself up, not sure.

I think you are unlikely to blow yourself up with petrol. In fact with "black diesel" refined from waste motor oil, people often cut it with petrol to get it to viscosity.
How effective it is in the transesterification process is another question entirely. is the recipe I'm familiar with, though I've never done it myself.

Where I live methanol can be purchased in any quantity you like (up to 44 gal drum size) from industrial suppliers. However for some reason it requires police clearance.
If you know anyone running a moonshine still they may be happy to give you their foreshots and heads which could be redistilled/compressed into something fairly effective.

Bulk Sodium Hydroxide available at farm supply stores. Potassium hydroxide available from soap-making suppliers.


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