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Auto shut down, less than $100.


After looking at what Murphy brand auto shutdown components cost, I came up with an idea for an auto shutdown system that cost less than $100 to build. Iíve ordered the parts, just need to assemble when it gets here! It works like this:

My system uses a 48v battery bank and dc charging from my 12/2. The way the auto shutdown will work starts with a low voltage cutoff co trip board from eBay. This component is wired to the battery bank and can be set to close a relay at a certain voltage. For example of the volts are below 54v the relay is open (no current) if it is above 54v it closes (allowing up to 10amps to pass through it from the battery bank). The next component is a step down regular, it turns the 48vdc to 12vdc. Then there is a 3 way switch which has off, and the two on positions send current to a 12v 2Ē actuator in either polarity so you can move it forward or back. This is hooked to the fuel rack. The last component would be a kill switch for the system that cuts the voltage to the actuator when it is fully retracted. When you want to reset the system simply turn the kill switch back on and use the 3 way switch to extend the actuator back out (then be sure to leave the 3 way switch on in the retract position again). This should work and the components cost less than $100!

Low voltage cut of ($12.75) -

Step down regulator ($13) -

3-way switch Amazon ($10)

12v 2Ē linear actuator Amazon ($30)

Regular switch for kill switch ($5)

$75.75 + wiring and other bits of needed hardware

The 12V linear actuator is a good choice for a rack closer. I measured the force required to close the rack fully against the spring at 10 lbs on my Listeroid 6/1.  So you'll want an actuator rated at least 14 lbs of force.  Some are only 4 lbs.


A linear actuator can be used for the throttle.
Here is an example, recently fitted to my Changfa engine.

good luck,

Thatís awesome!


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