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Battery Series/Parallel connection guidance

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Thanks, learnt something today

mihit and bruceM,

Thanks for the tips. I used both ideas.
[1] Flipped the batteries around for shorter distance between posts, and [2] made terminal straps from copper pipe.
Anyone know the amperage capacity of a 7" length of flattened 1/2" copper pipe ?  ???
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One poster estimated 200A derated to 120A for safety. 

You may have to do a more rigorous calculation depending on your application.  Flattened 3/4 copper tube will have better than 3x the ampacity due to wall thickness, much larger cross sectional area and total surface area for heat dissipation. 

Thanks bruceM,

To be safe I installed a 200A fuse on the on the positive post of the battery bank leading to the + connection on the inverter..
A typical draw from this bank will be 80 to 120 amps.

By the way, that's a useful link that you attached.
I will monitor my copper temperature when drawing a heavy load.
If I'm concerned, I will double them up.


I'm quite impressed with the accuracy of the technical content that young Will Proust has on and his youtube videos.  He't not an engineer but he thinks like one and really seems to do his homework.  His enthusiasm for LFP batteries and PV power systems is enjoyable. 

Looking forward to seeing what you're up to, Veggie.  You do nice work!


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