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Hi All,

I have four 6VDC, 225 amp deep cycle batteries that I wish to connect series/parallel to get 24 volts @ 225 amps.
The picture shows my planned wiring arrangement. BUT ... I'm not sure that this is the best or correct way.

Does this look correct ??

<click picture to enlarge>

There is no parallel in that diagram. 4x6V is in series to make 24V 225A.  Turn the 2nd pair around so that you don't have that long link between them.  Keep your links the same length and your feeds the same length (although it is not really an issue in a straight series connection, basically it becomes one large battery)

I concur-  there is no concern for matching lead length or mismatched gauge wires in a series string.
Current in and out is identical for all cells of the series.


Agreed, this is purely a series connection (no parallel).
Thanks for the feedback guys.
I shall proceed.


I make "bus-links" by hammering 1/2" copper pipe flat and drilling required holes. Good for a couple of hundred amps. 3/4" pipe would give you a bit more again.
You can then insulate with heatshrink or tape.

And I would make them all the same length/ gauge, but it probably isn't neccessary.


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