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one of the early members has gone to the lord

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he was known as "quinnf" on this forum and as "oddjob" on the microcogen forum

 he was a solid guy that i met face to face when a few of us got together back in  i think '07 at "hottaters" place in idaho

he was a decent and kind man that was hard to get riled up, someone that was a calming and reasoned voice when things got heated on the LEF back in the day.

he built one of the 6/1 listeroids from powersolutions and painted it silver, he caught a lot of flack for doing that, but that was Q, someone that marched to his own drum, and for that he was a really interesting guy.

"ol' silver" as that 6/1 was known, was a test bed for early development of these engine's within a smaller group of guys that were working with then and putting large amounts of run time on them. everything he built was first rate, clean, well thought out and executed.

i could go on, but suffice it to say he left this world far too soon, at age 65 he was just getting into his retirement when he was called home.

he was my friend, and i miss him

bob g

ps. his wife requests no flowers be sent

Hi Gentles

Our deep prayers to his soul. LEF is poorer with this loss.

stay safe.

While I only knew him from his writings here it was very clear that when he wrote it was based on facts, not wishful thinking and old wives tales. I have always considered him to be the pioneer of doing Listeroids right and my work to be an extention of his.

Sad news indeed, thank you for letting us know Bob.

Quinn posted many many pearls of wisdom over the 12 years he was active here, and whilst we hadn't seen him for a while, his unexpected passing is still a blow.

RIP Quinn.

Sorryu to hear of your and the Forums loss of a unique man. I feel as if I missed out on a special bloke that was entertaining. I like it when things are presented in a different way just to hear the feedback, I do it too.


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