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Listeroid 6/1 Genset w/Spares - Houston TX

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I bought this as a kit from Dieselgman in 2011. It has only been run for testing and maintenance, and might have 20 hours on it. It is mounted on 4x6 wood beams, runs a 4KW Winco gen head, and cooling is via a small car radiator. It has no issues or problems, starts easily, and runs great. It comes with several lifetimes of spares, including 3 cylinder heads / cylinders / pistons, bearings, injectors and pumps, and almost everything except the case, crank, and flywheels. See the video below with some details about spares.

$4000 picked up in Houston TX

YouTube video of start/run:

YT video detailing spares:

The spares are sold pending funds, so that package deal is null and void. The new package deal includes the engine, Winco 4KW gen head assy, radiator assy, and the 12V power supply. I plan to disassemble it to put it all on a small pallet for shipment. You can have the wood 4x6 beams too, but it will likely be cheaper to leave them out of the shipment.

Still available.

I have mounted the engine assembly including the wood beams on to a pallet for shipment. It is located in Houston TX. I will start it up soon and post the video,

I am interested 210-251-8370, Brandon

Spare parts are all sold. Just the engine assy. is left.


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