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Light flicker vs Engine RPM

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Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with light flicker as it relates to single cylinder engine speed ?

My 6/1 Listerloid at 650 rpm creates constant flicker in the house lights. This was to be expected... but it is very annoying.
The head is a Voltmaster 3600 rpm unit with voltage regulation, so I am confident that the head is of good quality.

I have a few options to replace the listeroid with faster running engines.

1 - 900 RPM Chanfa 195
2 - 2200 rpm Changfa 175
3 - 2600 rpm Air cooled F186

Does flicker usually disappear at 900 rpm ? or do I have to go higher ?


Our stand by set is a 1115 running a belt driven 15KW ST head. The engine runs approximately 1600 RPM and flicker is still noticeable but much less so than a 600 RPM engine. I think that some weight on the generator shaft would make it very good. One thing I found is that irritation with flicker varies with the individual. My wife doesn't even notice it while I can live with it other than reading. My daughter couldn't tolorate it at all.

Hugh Conway:
Lights flicker here when using the Listeroid 6/1 with PMG.
Lights flicker here when using the Dursley 6/1 with PMG
The Dursley is a startomatic engine with flywheels 2X heavier than the listeroid.
Heavier flywheels on the engine do not seem to make much difference.
The original startomatic generator did have an 80 lb flywheel/drive pulley, maybe, as Butch says, weight on the generator end of things will make a difference. I never used the original generator, so cannot say.
Also, the degree of flicker is very different depending on lightbulbs used. For instance, some lights in the kitchen flicker far more noticeably than others. Here in the office, it's not noticeable at all. (All lights are LEDs)

Good Day,

It's been a while since I've been around as things have been working fine till now. When a power outage occurs I've been using my small one cylinder Lister and 2.9 KW gen set but today I needed more power and fired up the 2 cylinder Lister with the 5 KW, "ST" generator. I ran it for a couple hours and the voltage and cycles kept going up and down. Voltage from 109 to 125 and cycles 57 to 63. The volts and cycles would hold steady for several minutes then fluctuate again.  This happened the last couple of times I fired up the "ST".  I'm wondering what the "safe" perimeters for volts and cycles are but mainly what the problem might be and how to fix it with my limited knowledge. I've heard of "automatic voltage regulator", is that what this generator needs?  My cheap little"Northern" 2.9 generator works like a champ. Any help would be appreciated.  Steve

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