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More shop work has arrived. 4.5HP Z2 Bamford factory radiator. It is in much worse shape than the photo appears. Hopefully there is enough good left that we can rebuild it.

I hope you'll give us some photos as you get further into this one.  I'm a Bamford fan.

Hi Bruce, there are now 4 Banfords here for rebuild. Unlike a Lister there are close to zero parts. I have had several items reproduced and make others as needed thus it takes a while to get through one. We will post sone pics and this time will use the site photo host so they don't disappear like last time.

Yes, I remember you making bearings for the Bamford rebuild you showed us a few years ago.  Way beyond me but very enjoyable to follow and learn.

I too look forward to what needs to be done and how you approach and solve the prolems.


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