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Hi and thanks for letting me join the forum. Iíve recently bought an old Thwaites dumper which I think is a nimbus model from the 1960s.Itís powered by a Petter PH1 engine and Iíd appreciate some help with maintaining the engine. Itís a runner and starts fairly easily on the handcrank. Iíve no idea how regularly it was maintained before. My questions are, how old is the engine Ė serial number 151188 , and apart from changing the filters and engine oil (plus gearbox and diff) is there anything else I should do to assess or maintain the engine. Finally, Iím in the UK, whatís the best type of engine oil to use? Thanks Jim

Hi mate and welcome to the Forum.
Sounds like a nice toy, I have a Liner Roughrider dumpy with a twin SR2 Lister in it.
You are right about the oils and changing them, I have usually also flushed the gearbox and diff out using diesel fuel and driving it on rough road or up and down some hills then drain and fill with nice clean fresh oil. Here in Australia I use straight SAE30 oil and I believe that is good for you but maybe a bit heavy during winter time. The only issue would be harder starting because of thick oil but on a single I think you will be fine. Dont forget to do the air filter as well. Not sure if you have done so already but I would drop any old fuel out and start with fresh stuff.
I am not familiar with the Petter diesel but someone will confirm if there is a cold start position on your engine as there is on the Lister. Go around and adjust your brakes and that means the hand brake as well. Grease the dumpy from front to back as this will make your steering a bit lighter as well after doing the king pins and tie rod ends even the centre pivot bush will need a good feed of grease.
As for dating your dumpy someone will be able to help from your serial number also if you could post the HP which will be listed on the engine itself if not the build plate if it is still there. They are a heap of fun to own and I fitted an extra seat for the missus to get on so we both can have fun together.

Thanks Cobbadog. Thatís very helpful

I also meant to say to not use synthetic oils on these old girls, they are not designed for it.

Hereís the engine plate. I think I read on another forum that the initial 15 may be a year reference for 1965. Does anyone know?


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