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Hi All,
Sorry if this is in the wrong place etc.

I'm trying to identify and then find a manual for the generator in the photos.

I'm hoping to make a push button start system for it. I'd like to know whats going on inside electrically.

It runs, manually started. Theres no voltage on the 'Battery Terminals' when its running so I'm assuming thats a start only 24v signal and cant be used as a charger for the battery.

Any help would be so appreciated.


Looks to be an HA2 based generator. Can you get a better picture of the generator head info tag? I have a manual for the engine but cannot make out what generator head you have. A good close up image and any other info would be helpful.

I would think it should charge the batteries. Could be something in the charging system has an issue or if it has sat for a long time may have lost it's residual magnetism. Does it produce AC voltage?

Hi, struggling to add more pictures.

The machine runs fine mechanically. It also does output 240VAC thats used to drive a few cabins.

I've added some pictures to a shared drive here.

I got the cover off the electrical box and my heart sank :(
Its a mess.
Hopefully someone has drawings or ideas on how to restore it.


I tried to access the shared drive but it requires permission. I sent a permission request however that works.

Think its fixed now


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