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cooking oil setup

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if anyone is interested in running a lister CS 8-1 on cooking oil here are a few photos

more photos



That is an excellent setup.
Do you use "settling" to clean and dewater the veg oil? or are you using a centrifuge?

Does the system heat a house or a shop?
What contribution to the overall building heat does it contribute.?
I'm estimating 13,000 btu/hr from the cooling and 9000 btu/hr from the exhaust.

Well done !


the system heats my house, garage and workshop.

During the winter it provides all the heating and hot water it runs 16 hours a day auto switching between storage heating and hot water.

28.5 kw storage heaters and 20,000 btu wet radiators from the cooling water none from the exhaust (yet)

The wvo Is settled and filtered Threw 3 barrel settling then threw twin head washable 5 micron filters then passed threw 5 micron 1 micron lastly 0.5 micron then up to storage barrels gravity feed down the the lister

Veggie do you have a similar set up?



My system does not heat the house. I use the radiator heat to supplement my garage heat in winter.


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