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Lister D Engine Size


Sorry if I am being dim but I can't find a reference to the engine capacity of my Lister D.  It's probably right under my nose but hey ho!

Serial Number     1/39793
Specification      28DH
HP 1
RPM  700

Can anyone advise please?

Many thanks.

what are you in reference to by "capacity"?

oil capacity?
water capacity?
kw output capacity?

bob g

Engine size, sorry thought that was obvious!  As in cc.  Since posting I have conducted further research and done a rough calculation as follows:

I believe it is a 3 inch bore and a 3 inch stroke.

This gives:

δπr^2   -    where delta is cylinder displacement (bore).
3π(〖1.5〗^2 )
Thus: 21.21 cubic inches
Metric: 347.5 cc


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