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Has anyone fitted a rpm cut out to a lister CS start o matic to stop a over revving.

I have rpm monitoring on my CS, for both over and under speed, with closing of the injection pump rack and lifting of the exhaust valve.  Rpm is sensed by a Cherry magnet/hall effect sensor near the spokes, rack and lifter via air cylinders, control via Picaxe 40X2 and hand wired board with logic level MOSFETs for air solenoid valve control.  Over temperature, oil high/low, and excessive vibration also cause an emergency shut down.

The same can be done today with almost no custom hardware via Arduino plus available interface boards.

The commercial engine rpm limit detectors I can find aren't suited for the CS due to it's low speed.  A Picaxe 08M IC (8 pin dip) could do it easily with a few lines of Basic.  Let me know if you need help.

Best Wishes,

thanks for the reply, your way over my head.  I was looking for a simple fix. I have been looking for something that brakes the circuit to the exhaust lifter solenoid and shuts the engine down if she goes over 850 RPM. its a old type lister 8-1 start o matic



If the voltage regulation on the genset is not too good, and AC (or DC) voltage rises when you overspeed, you might use a standard AC voltage sensing relay to trip your SOM solenoid circuit.  Watch AC (Or DC ) voltage while you force an overspeed.  I can probably find one that will work.  Are you generating 230V/50Hz or other?

There are some engine overspeed (tachometer) products, but they are not adjustable down to 650 rpm.

is this the cut out you are thinking about I have already had a look at them but because they use a currant they might start the engine and keep it on.


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