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Lister Generator wiring?


Hi my name is Phillip
I was wondering if you could help me, please
I have a lister Dursley diesel generator single cylinder engine manual start
RA Lister and co limited
Dursley England
number 17179/ 86
shunt regulator
drms 0.5 amps 1.2
kva 1.5 volts 230
phase 1 cycles 50
pf 1 speed 1500
the engine runs lovely easy to start with a handle
the control box on top of the alternator has seven black wires coming out of a small hole. two of these wires are fairly thick the others are standard there's also a wire wound resister with three tags on it one at each end and one a third of the way up one side? it has two 13-amp sockets on the front?
i believe it to be a som it has the capabilities of fitting a starting motor to the flywheel could be something else it has large teeth facing down in hole?
the engine
No. 3970L118
HP??  RPM 1500
do not know the hp cannot read it
any help with the electrics would be greatly appreciated
thank you

I tried to upload the book for your plant but it doesn't let me.  Send me your email and I will try to get it to you that way

tried to send pm dont know if you got it but email is in profile


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