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I need help I need two resistors v10/gh/12 ohm 69a and the large adjustable one both in the box on top of the BKB alternator
dose anyone know where I can get ones

I am going to rewind the large one as I have ordered new wire,

I still need help with he small one as I will need to order a new one. can anyone help with identifying the type?

on the side of what's left of it, it is 12ohm but I don't know the wattage dose anyone know what it should be?

have you got a schematic for this generator?

any pictures of where the missing resistor fits?

what does it control?  field?  or?

approx physical size?

it shouldn't be too hard to figure out a replacement, but need more information.

bob g

it goes inline to the exhaust lifter

I am back with another problem! Help Please.
It appears that the alternator is overcharging I have rewound the Resistor in the box on top of the alternator. using the hole length of the resistor still doesn't take the volts below 30VDC The amp meter is hard over to the stop about 5 amp but don't know how much more. I don't want to Boil the battery's!
Could it be the rectifier on the end of the alternator? is there any way I can test it. I don't have a wiring diagram for the alternator but I have sent for a lister manual on the BKB 4.5 Kva should be hear in a few days.


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