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Hi all,

I've just got a share in a narrowboat fitted with a Lister SR2 engine. There are 2 fuel filters as per the picture attached, but I'm not convinced the filter cartridges and/or "O" rings have been replaced correctly - there has been a deal of leakage, both of air in and fuel out. Does anyone have a definitive drawing of the internals, please? I think I can see where most of the "O" rings are supposed to fit, but I'd like to be certain, and I'd also like to be sure I have the paper cartridge in the right way round, as they're different in the two filters. If it's not clear from the picture, the filters have the securing bolt fitted from underneath the bowl.

Thanks in advance,

Do you know exactly where the fuel is leaking from. If it is leaking from the large "O" ring that sits between the housing and the bowl then it is either cracked, broken or not seated properly. If it is leaking from the fuel lines in or out then tell us what type of fittings are there. If there are olives then maybe they need to be replaced. If there is a flare joint then look for any cracks in the flare.
Finally the air bleed screws if the "O" rings if fitted are damaged or simply they are not screwed up firm enough but do not over tighten. Can't remember what the filter itself looks like but I didn't think there was a top and bottom to them. Would need a pic of what you have and of up inside where it sits to confirm.

Something that just came to mind about the bleed screws. Some do need an "O" ring and some do not and are a tapered fit so look closely to what you have. Some times after market replacement filters come with an assortment of gaskets, seals and "O" rings and sometime not all are needed. I know when I do an oil change on our beavertail truck that I end up with a seal and "O" ring too many for the job.

That's really helpful, thanks - especially about there being more "O" rings than needed! The leak was from the large "O" ring that the bowl seats against. Whoever fitted it hadn't seated it properly in its groove and one side was crushed. I replaced the "O" ring and now the leaks have stopped.

I'm still unsure which way the filter cartridge is supposed to sit in the bowl. The centre holes are different sizes, and I don't know which is the top (see the pictures - I hope). And is there supposed to be a steel washer on the centre bolt as well as the rubber "O" ring?

Many thanks for your help.

I've found a drawing of the fuel filter internals and it shows that both my units have parts missing, namely the internal spring and washer which I assume is to keep the filter cartridge pressed up against the inner "O" ring. These filter assemblies were both fitted by a boatyard here in the UK, one which we'll never use again. I've attached the drawing in case it's of interest/help to anyone else.

Many thanks for your help on this cobbadog.


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