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Ashwamegh cooling project

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32 coupe:
Finally got back to the Ashwamegh cooling project.  Got the frame built and the honda radiator mounted.
I have used the honda radiators on several projects and they work well. Should be fine on this job as well.

I have the fiberglass panel made to mount the fan but obviously not mounted at this point.

I bought a small circulating hot water pump I will use .

Just thought I'd show my progress.  Should make more headway next weekend.

Enjoy !

Nice frame. I hung my radiator off of my twin via 4 low quality arms, as a temporary way to run the engine. As you'd expect, it became permanent and it's been that way for the last 15 years. Maybe I should fabricate a frame like yours and brace the assembly on the cylinder heads to reduce vibration. Might be a nice project for the fall, after hurricane season is over.

32 coupe:

I have 2 braces that run to the threaded holes in the cylinders. Hard to see in the pic but they are there.

I picked up the hose and fittings today. Hope to get back to it this weekend.


Looks like good work to me.  ;D  When I was building up China diesel packages a few years ago I used Geo Metro parts because they were dirt cheap at Rock Auto, radiator, fan, fan control.

Brad Silwood:
Would a larger radiator circulate enough coolant via thermosyphon, without the fan ? Just, cap off ?


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