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28/2 plus st15 head NOS F/S


comes a time in my life that i must face the inevitable nature of man, that being we don't get to do everything we thought we might get to do when we get older.

so for consideration of the members or your friends
i have the following for sale

1 (one) 28hp 2 cylinder petteroid diesel, in crate, mounted on a skid, with radiator, waterpump mounted. this engine is a preban engine built prior to 2005 (iirc maybe 1998) as stated, new old stock, still in the crate, been in dry storage since i acquired it back in '06

1 (one) st15 powersolutions generator head, new old stock, dates to ~2005 never ran, out of crate iirc, still on the plywood base.

i bought these two to put together a larger power source,
i may also have some suitable pulleys to put the two together, i would have to check and see... if someone wants the pair and i can find a set of pulleys, i will throw them in the deal.

located in central kansas, i cannot ship, but i have access to a skid steer with forks to load on your truck or trailer. i would need a bit of lead time, and would have to be in the dry season, as the container they are stored in is on a dirt base, and if it gets wet the skid steer will sink.

i don't recall the weight of a 28/2 petteroid, but i expect maybe a half ton?  i don't remember, but i think it is noted on the crate, so i can look and see if anyone needs to know.

as with any of the engines from india it comes with a few spares, a starting handle and a few crude wrenches, and i would strongly suggest the typical tear down and thorough cleaning prior to use. 

the petteroids are a bit different than the listeroid twins, they have an oil pump (piston type) and are rated at 1000rpm iirc

the 28/2 sold for $3500 back in '06 and the st head was another $650 bucks.

i would entertain offers, so don't be bashful, shoot me a pm  :)

bob g

well, what is the weight?

i am guessing 1500lbs total, but i will check the crate later today to see if i can find
the shipping weight of the engine.

bob g


Just checking in with you ...
Lots of snow here and my only truck is 2wd ...


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