Author Topic: A lot of issue on lister cs  (Read 1124 times)


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A lot of issue on lister cs
« on: August 22, 2021, 08:10:12 PM »
I recently overhauled lister 8hp, I changed the element, nozzle, rings but since then have been having issue of misfiring, even the rpm is not normal, the engine raise and low it self, and I could hear sound of nozzle, I have adjusted the pump lifter but still the same.

And after that I adjusted the fuel pump tappet and I heard some noise inside the engine like Connecting rod stuff which make me think may be the spill timing is too advanced.

I opened the the engine, but nothing happen to the Connecting rod but I found abnormal thing on the camshaft gear, the pin they used to hold the gear has came off and also to gear hole is not aligned with camshaft they have changed the gear before.

And also please what could be the reason for crankshaft to be moving in and out.


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Re: A lot of issue on lister cs
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2021, 06:14:54 AM »
Sorry, I hope I'm understanding you correctly and can help. Element we would call a fuel-filter?

I am not sure what "misfiring"? Can you hear the injector (nozzle) creaking when the piston is after TDC?
(TDC Top Dead Centre on firing stroke)

The engine will certainly "hunt" (raise and lower itself) if the timing is off, but I would suspect the linkage/govenor first.
Since you say the gear on the camshaft has been altered, that would be the first thing to check. There should be punch marks on the gear teeth that need to align, and a Spill-timing mark on the flywheel. 18btdc if memory serves me.

I would check this is correct first, before loading the engine, but some engines may hunt at idle, and come alright when under load.

Crankshaft "moving in and out" we might call end float? This would be an issue in the main bearings and will only cause problems when run at speed and temperature.