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Lister D now running....but small fuel leak

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After a year's work my Lister D is now reassembled, repainted and running. She sits nicely on her new trolley that I made as well. She fired first time which was great!

Only thing is there's a small drip from the fuel pipe where it enters underneath the float chamber. I have removed the fuel pipe and carefully rubbed down the tapered olives but the seal is still not complete. I have also carefully used wire wool gently inside the unions.  The issue, I'm pretty sure, is the end of the pipe because when I reverse it the drip is from the fuel tank end.

PTFE tape is not ideal for such things so I am wondering if I should just buy a new pipe or if any one of you good people had any other suggestions.

Many thanks as always.

The best way to fix this issue is a new pipe and olives. These are not a pricey issue to fix. I buy copper tube and keep the olives in stock at home. You may be able to cut the damaged end off and just replace that end with a new olive depending on how much tube you have to play with.
Teflon tape will not work as petrol will eat it. Also check that when the pipe is fitted into the carby or tap that it sits in there squarely then tighten the nut which then crimps the olive onto the tube. If the olive is sitting skew-if then that is what has happened.

Thank you for your advice.  It's definitely one p[articular end as I have reversed the pipe and the leak then moves to the other end!

Yes, I understand what your are saying. If there is enough tube then cut that end off and fit a new olive or make a new fuel line.

Thanks for your help.  Happy to report new ended annealed onto the original pipe and the leak has been cured.  The engine is running!


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