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Lister HA and Brush RS1B generator

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I have just acquired a Lister HA 2 cylinder with a Brush RS1B alternator generator.
(3 phase 15 Kva)  it hasnít run for 10 years.
The engine started on the button.
At this stage I didnít know wether it was capable of generating any electricity.
I fired it up and all went well, until after about 90 seconds I could smell that familiar smell of burning electrics so I shut her down.

It appears that the fins have over heated and taken out a cable and melted the connected block. See photos.
Only the 2 right hand front fin sets have over heated.

Some questions:

What are the fins for? Is it the rectifier/ voltage regulator?
Why might they have over heated, a short some where?
I guess it is not worth repairing.

Can I fit a  modern voltage regulator?
Should I consider replacing the whole alternator?
The lister engine runs well, no oil leaks and in great condition, spins a 1500 rpm.

Is this suitable?
I appreciate that there is some engineering required to mount it!

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Those fined parts are Selenium Rectifiers.   When they die, they release toxic fumes.  Your manual/schematic will give the voltage and amp rating, modern replacement diodes are much smaller

The cable likely was hanging by a just few strands which were overloaded and melted the terminal block. ( IMHO )

Hi All,

I have researched fitting a solid state rectifier and looks very possible. Unfortunately I dont have a manual , the only info i have is what is on the plates.

Can I fit an AVR? if so does this do away we the need for the rectifier?


What  is the info on the plates ?    300V  5A ?  something like that ?

You still need to rectify to get the DC control voltages to run the DC half.

I don't know anything about retrofitting a AVR to those.

415/230 volts
20.9 amps


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