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Just picked up a tractor (Shenniu) with the 259T engine. I am about to replace the headgasket. I will have the head checked for planing and will lap the valves and torque in 3 stages the 10 headbolts to 95 ft lbs.
I welcome any advice. I am particularly interested in finding more about this apparantly common engine made by as many a 50 Chinese companies. Was it originally a German design as I have read or a Kubota?  If so what model so I can research that engine too? I see this engine by many names, mine is a Hubei, and that they are used in generators. Does the injection pump need oil? As for manuals, I have a few but none that cover the brakes which do not work. I see I can get parts from Ali express and I have ordered some. I plan to install a lower hose engine heater for easier starts. I will clean the injectors adjust the decompressor and valves, change all fluids and hoses, filters and check to see if the preheater is working. any other suggestions and information as to the engine particularly . Tractor is 4wd with a loader and backhoe.

Sounds an interesting project. I had a mate who bought one of these Chinesium garden tractors and he played with it, got it running an sold it on. Have heard fair comments and nothing bad about except for the made in china tag.
Ask the supplier you mentioned Ali Express for any finer details he may also be able to help. Best thing I can suggest is that when you do replace the head gasket after surfacing the head/s that you use a copper head gasket spray just as a final insurance of a good seal. I have even used it on old head gaskets with success on small petrol engines.
When you say the brakes dont work. Are they hydraulic or mechanical? Then a whole heap of questions after that reply that may guide you along the way od having brakes again. Always try to include as much detail as you can on anything you need answers to. It helps others who maybe able to help have a better idea. Pics always help a lot as well.

Thank you for the advice, not familiar with the product but we have a good auto supply store here. I have found the diagram for the brakes. They are mechanical and parts are available.From my experience with my Chinese diesel generator and with discussions with clolleagues, the Chinese designs are usually good and ofter copies of proven Japanese Gernman of British products already out there. Fut the quality control, Lubricant, rubber items and bolt tension all need to be checked.

I ahve found the product, made by Permatex in a spray ca. I will definately use it.

Glad you have a diagram to go by for the brakes. Most likely the cause of your brake issue is that a linkage is seized or at worse an oil leak onto the brake shoes. So start by spraying a product like WD40, Inox or even better Lanox onto all the pivot points of the linkages from the pedal back to the brakes. Give them a generous spray and get someone to operate the pedal and you watch for the movement of the linkages. To coin a phrase, "pull your finger out" of the way when testing the brakes and please ensure that the wheels are chocked so the tractor will not roll over you.
If the linkages move then its time to explore inside where the brake shoes are. Is this system a brake shoe inside a drum, if so it will be easy to fix. If oil soaked you will have 2 choices try a product similar to 'Brakleen' and spray them to release the oil from them then replace the oil seals that are leaking, again an easy and cheap job. I have never used Brakleen as I find it just as easy to buy new linings and rivet the linings onto the old shoes, maybe these are bonded and this too can be done at the brake shop. I would guess the size to be similar to a motor bike brake shoe so linings should be available if not and you can buy new shoes all the better.
If there is an oil leak as suggested replace the offending seal, but carefully inspect the surface that the seal runs on to make the seal. If there is a ridge then this surface must be repaired by one of two choices, machine it in a lathe but only take the smallest of cuts or best way is to use a product like Speedy Sleeve available through a bearing shop. These are a very thin sheet metal collar that you press over the surface that is damaged. You must accurately measure the OD of the surface to be repaired and then buy that size. Easy job to do I have done quite a few on the tractors and stationary engines I have repaired.
If you get the chance I would like to see a few pics of your project even of the brakes once you get in there.

That is the best of the copper spray gasket sealers, well done.


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