Author Topic: LD LD1 LD2 confusion identification  (Read 964 times)


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LD LD1 LD2 confusion identification
« on: August 06, 2021, 01:15:01 PM »

This is my first contact with stationary engines and by extension Lister engines.

I have acquired a Lister Startomatic - the ID plate is '8795 LD 15'.

Reading round I can't find anything definite as to dating this engine, There are LD1 and LD2 produced from 1955 & 6 respectively but no 'LD'.  I've seen images of the LD1 and it does look remarkably like my engine.  I thought that maybe the plate should be '8795 LD1 5' but that would date the engine as 1955 - a year before they were supposedly made.

Is it common for the '1' or '2' designation to be missed off the ID plate - I'm pretty sure that what I am seeing is a 1965 LD1 with serial number 8795.