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Is a Petter AV1 a suitable generator for inverter input???



My backup gen, 3000RPM 6HP Robin, Sincro 6KVA, low distortion head, capacitor regulated is often NOT accepted by my Victron inverter as an AC source, to switch to battery charging. The max load here is 100A at 12-14 VDC, whichI feel is quite within the capacity of gen system. No voltage drop/hunting.

All other AC loads run w/o problem, washing machines, driers etc.

I've set all parameters in the Victron to accept wide voltage and "bad" quality input.

My main, army surplus generator, currently being rebuilt/fixed has no prob. DEUTZ aircooled twin w/ massive 6KVA head, AVR regulated.

To the point,
The gas consumption is killing me w/ the gas gen. I would like to swap the alternator over to a Petter AV1, 6HP at 1500rpm I have that's running great.

Would this Petter be acceptable in this scenario? Would hate to fab everything, make pulleys etc. and have the same problem.

I ask as it "seems" that many one lunger engines have power quality problems unless strapped w/ huge flywheels etc.


The electronics in the SchneiderElectric XW inverter series, are fast enough to sync with my 6/1.  It's also top of the line gear.


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