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Rewind of Brush 6KW alternator armature


Having worked as a genset tester at the Cinderford works of R A Lister during the first five months of 1969, I recently bought an SR2  6kW Startomatic produced in that year which I may have just worked on in the factory. (From 1971 to 1980 I worked in the Overseas Operations Division of RAL, including setting up and running Lister Diesels Malaysia, where some 10,000 engines were assembled from CKD).
It was bought unseen during the lockdown, and turned out to be incredibly filthy as a result of over-fueling - instead of SR injection pumps, ST had been fitted, which caused No.1 inlet valve to become badly worn/burnt. Fuel rich exhaust shuttled back and forth through the inlet manifold and the oil bath air cleaner to No.2 cylinder, and with no crankcase depression, oils leaked everywhere.
Cleaned up and with new valves and seats, de-glazed bores, a set of piston rings and big ends, and serviced fuel equipment, the engine runs very nicely. After cleaning and some rewiring, all of the Startomatic functions operate correctly, except that the decompressor does not actuate on account of insufficient AC voltage output (only 30 volts) from the Brush alternator.
Tests proved that there was a major short on the AC windings of the armature. Estimates from trade professionals for rewinding are in the region of 1,000.

Does any one know of a Brush SCTF 2.25 armature or complete alternator available for sale?. I am in Monmouth, South Wales (UK).

I'd love to see some pics. Sounds like an interesting project. It's interesting to me just how capable these old engines are.

Please explain how to insert images on this forum - clicking the image icon does not seem to allow me to insert attachments!

After a long interval, the armature was rewound by Robson & Francis Rewinds in London at a cost of 864 inc. VAT and Carriage.
It looks a very professional job, and following reassembly, all performs as it should. Hand start, push button start and Auto all work correctly, as does shutdown. Engine is running well under load, and voltage control is acceptable..
Still no information on how to attach pictures - I will do so if someone explains the procedure.

I can understand why it is so expensive to rewind the AC portion you have to remove all the DC windings to get at it and then replace them again the labour cost would be skyhigh.
 I rewound a 4Kva S.O.M. armature many years ago and the cost of my materials was about 25% of the total of the quote I received.


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