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Gen head with inverter?


I often seen generators advertised as being "inverters generators".  My understanding of that is that the inverter generator puts out a more suitable kind of electricity for computers and electronics.  Is the inverter portion of that similar to what used to be called a line conditioner?  an electric device that would prevent surges and clean up the electricity?

An Inverter Generator, is a merely a generator that powers a Inverter.   if the load on the the inverter is small, the engine runs slower.
 The "generator" part is usually 3 or 6 phase, gets rectified and then drives the inverter for your 120VAC

I'm not aware on any. Could be cool, as engine speed could managed with load.

My 1940's Ruston Hornsby generator is now an inverter generator!  To solve lumpy AC power stemming from a speeding 240 RPM single cylinder diesel, I'm running the power through a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive).  The output is perfect 60.000 HZ AC power.



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