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Ea300 based generac generator.

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Restored Kubota EA300 based generac generator. Asking 1,900. Located in central MN, USA. Has electric start and a glow plug.

Very nice generator Tanman.

A used high quality generator like that one (and in this day and time) should sell for $3,000.00 or more in the United States.

Reliable, simple, long life, compact 3000 watt mobile diesel generators donít get much better than that.

Are you sure you want to sell it? They are getting so hard to find.

Iíd hate to have you regret selling it years later.

Yeah I've never seen another factory built one like this before or since. I even looked on the internet for a picture of one, the only pics I found are of this one before it was restored. This price is for forum members only. It's listed for more money elsewhere online. I do have a spare EA300 engine that I think I will hang onto and build a diy gen set if I want another with this size and capacity.

It sounds like a good plan.

One thing for sure, some person will be purchasing one nice generator.

 I have (what I think is) a very similar Kubota tooth belt driven generator EA330 engine. It is in the "as removed" condition. I understand it came off of a firetruck. Runs really well and will carry a modest load with no problem.


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