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Good morning.

I am fairly new here and still finding my way.  I am Andrew, I live in Wiltshire and just over a year ago I acquired a 1949 Lister D which I am cleaning up and part restoring.  I say 'part' because it is in quite good order, none seized.

At the moment I am cleaning up the main body including repainting.  In order to get a tidy paint job the engine is mostly stripped down although I have left the governor in place as I am not confident enough to strip this out and there is no evidence yet that it is not working.

Anyway, enough waffle!  Some of the studs and nuts on the plate above the magneto need 'chasing'.  I have a Zeus guide and I am happy to but a set of Whitworth taps/dies but is everything on the engine Whitworth please?

Also I am struggling to find my way around the Zeus just now and wondered if there's a guide anywhere that lists the sizes of all the D's nuts and bolts etc.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

I am by no means a D expert but I do own an early spec 11 example. Mine is all Whitworth.  I have seen diesels marked on the tag for Unified? (I think?) threads after the switch over.
Hopefully someone with more information expertise will answer.


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