Author Topic: From a 12/1 to a 16/1 to a 30/2...and a question  (Read 58 times)


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From a 12/1 to a 16/1 to a 30/2...and a question
« on: May 06, 2021, 01:17:36 AM »
Hi Folks,

I've been into Listeroids for several years now.  The 12/1 powers the house when the big Florida winds do bad things.  The 16/1 powered the off-grid building and machine shop for a few years...until the crank shaft broke...I'm picking up a true Lister 6/1 this summer from a departed friend. VERY much looking forward to it!

Now, I'm running a 30/2 Listeroid.  Gary set me up with the necessary parts, and the "Disco Shaker" is now running quite well.  The paint job is a metal flake green...thus "The Disco Shaker".

My ONLY issue is that neither Gary nor I have much information about this specific "larger unit".  Of note, I've got NO problem spinning up every morning.  Starts quite easily, so long as you're willing to SLOWLY build rpm with your right arm.  Believe it or not, a 2-cylinder of such magnitude is NOT something to be overly concerned about.  The build was straight forward, based on standard engineering principles.  One of the high pressure pumps was "dead on" for timing.  The other was VERY wrong.  But nothing that a tape measure and a few minutes of wrenching didn't fix. 

Bleeding was pretty simple. Actually, you really only need to bleed one of the lines.  If you can get one cylinder going, the other will EVENTUALLY catch!!

So...the questions:

Recommended running RPM?  I'm working a 22kw head from Tom in Georgia.  Right now, the engine is dialed in at 850 rpm.  Seems happy.  Wondering if anybody has specs on these twins, to see if I could/should chug it back to ~ 650 rpm?

Oil Fill:  Well, there are two or three small holes I could utilize to fill the crank case on this unit.  But...those holes ARE small.  Wondering if anybody has a recommendation? 

Water cooling:  I'm running a 50 gallon water tank on a thermosyphon.  After about 4 hours, she's getting warm.  Looks like I'm steaming off about 5 gallons over the course of a week.  Thinking I'll just plumb in a second 50-gallon tank on series.  Anybody got an opinion? 

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Re: From a 12/1 to a 16/1 to a 30/2...and a question
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2021, 04:25:59 AM »
I tried to run my 25/2 near 650 or so and couldn't get the govenor to regulate properly. It just would
not carry a load over 4kw or there about.

I currently run it in the 850 range and the govenor seems to pickup and hold.

I even sent the  cam to Butch and had different weights installed. It just would not work in the 650 rpm range.

Your engine may perform differently. Just relying my experience with my 25/2.


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