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Has anyone enclosed a diesel generator for noise attenuation ?
I intend to surround my R175 Changfa with an close fitting insulated enclosure to really silence the system along with the new "dual tank" muffler.
My fear is that the generator head will overheat. It's a 4KW head which will be loaded to 1.5kw continuous.
If I run a cooling duct to the inlet of the generator fan it would create a massive channel for noise to escape.
How did you get around this issue?

Or ... maybe it's not an issue at all ?



Coolant heat is routed externally via insulated PEX tubing to a remote mounted radiator
The majority of the heat generated in the enclosure will come from the surface of the engine and the windings of the generator head.

My thoughts not based on specific experience for you application:

Plan A- put a duct to the generator head air inlet, and make a deeply folded and fiberglass covered plywood box muffler for it. A similar muffler path for the air outlet.  Insulated flex duct, with a deeply bent path might be a way to do this also.

Plan B-  Put the generator head outside the sound isolating box, cover most of the belt slot with a removeable plate for better sound isolation.  This might not work for your frame/enclosure design but it is quite simple.

Plan C- In a book I have, one author used fully enclosed squirrel cage type blowers as a way of cooling his insulated for sound isolation diesel generator shed, which he claimed blocked the mechanical noise quite well.  A pair of very small, low power ones might be worth a try.  One on inlet and one on outlet; inlet might be directed to the generator head inlet. 


All good points,

Thanks BruceM


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