Author Topic: Petter PH2 running on sweet water, would it be better with radiator fitted  (Read 2597 times)

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Sir's or Madam's
I live on an ex MOD broad-beam work-boat bluff both ends. I have been told it could have been an ammunition barge or a pontoon of some description.
She was never designed to have an engine, she was designed to be pushed or pulled. However someone has fitted a Petter PH2 with a hardy spicer to drive the prop. The engine is fine, starts well, runs well enough apart from it produces white smoke rather than black - like a dirty diesel should. It's not a problem to me however my pal recons it has issues. He recommended having the injectors refurbished which I have subsequently done. No real difference apart from the engine has a firmer crack on firing than previously - she sounded a touch woolly. He also suggested fitting new or recon lift pumps which I could do but it doesn't seem to me like something that would make a difference. However she is cooled with cold water directly from the canal and I wonder if the engine is never getting warm enough to run cleanly. Would she run better with a radiator and thermostat set up and could I find bits easily enough to do the job? Exhaust  is silenced via a water mixing bowel which would cause some steam affect I would have thought. Any ideas folks?


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Re: Petter PH2 running on sweet water, would it be better with radiator fitted
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2022, 04:21:59 PM »
  A cold engine will condense fuel on the cylinder walls and head instead of burning it all . Wastes fuel . Worse yet it washes lube oil off the cylinder walls and increases wear .
    Coolant should be 195F-210F with a 50/50 mix .
    A closed loop cooling system reduces coolant system corrosion and deposits. It took many hours after soaking in muratic acid to find bare metal inside the head of my PHW1 .