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Idiling an st2


My st2 lives in interior Alaska in a little mine shack.  Instead of keeping the shack warm, I have been dropping the engine to idle overnight with only a couple led lights and a 1500w heater on line.  Recently I was gone for three days and the engine eventually ran out of fuel.  When I returned and got the unit warmed up enough to start it back up it would only run at about half the normal rpm with a tremendous amount of smoke [the smoking never happened when it ran at idle].  I bled the injectors but there was no change in rpm.  Any ideas of what I might try?

scott p:
A few thoughts to get the ball rolling.

Might it be only running on one cylinder? What color is the smoke ? It might be badly coked up from running on idle.

Something else?

First thing with any out-of-fuel situation will be air pockets. The ST normally will purge once you get it running again, but you never know. Be very thorough and even repetitive with your bleeding procedure.
Sometimes contaminated fuel can be forced through the system. If that happens it can cause stuck pump elements and even stuck injector nozzles. These can sometimes clear up, but sometimes not if there is water or sediment involved.
Best of luck with getting her back online.



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