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Is a 1115 a 1115 regardless of who makes it

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Maybe an odd question but call me cautious when it comes to ordering Chinese stuff so... I have a Laidong 1115 and am planning to buy spare parts via Ali-Express. I am assuming a 1115 head gasket, rings etc are all the same regardless of manufacturer... am I assuming correct?



Incorrect. I know of at least 2 head gaskets for the "changfa" type 1115 engines. My Powermart 1115 uses a head gasket that is marked 1100. The  LaiDong 1115 is its own animal entirely.
Did you not get a complete parts and tool kit with your engine as shown.?
I have the issue tool and spares sets for both and checked the ring sets. totally different and not interchangable. Wasnt going to remove them from packaging to get a photo.  changfa type gasket on left Laidong on right.

Yes, I did get a kit with the engine but forgot all about it till you just mentioned it. I'll dig it out this weekend and see what I have. Thanks

Great, The LaiDong s come with the most complete spares kit and beside what is shown you should also have the huge ball bearing for the flywheel side. I bought one of the first ones John Ferguson sold before he sold out to Jim Calder

I also bought mine from John along with a Redstone. Both have been setting in my garage for..10-12 years (lost track of time). They are lined up next to my Listeroid. I'm now to the point in my life I can start working on all of these..1 at a time.

I built up a Cat/ST head a few years ago but was not happy with the vibration. I just tore it down and am going to make a new stand for it. Once that's done I'll do my 3 Cyl Kubota with the Stamford clone gen head. then..... I'll get on that Laidong. Just spent a few weeks insulating my garage, fixing my torpedo heater and cleaning up, so now I'll be able to work during the winter.


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