Author Topic: Running a startomatic as a push button generator  (Read 133 times)

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Running a startomatic as a push button generator
« on: December 08, 2020, 01:53:03 PM »
Hello, I have a 1963 Lister 8/1 startomatic 4.5 KVA which is a little poorly at the moment

It was starting well, once a bulb was switched on (as it should), it was a bit flickery though.  I loaded it up a bit (easily within the limits of the unit) only to find smoke pouring out of the upper control box. I immediately removed the load but the damage was done and, at this time, I can't find out what's gone wrong.  I did see sparking across the blue finned device in the middle of the box (is that the rectifier). I read somewhere that's a common failure point, what should I replace it with please?

While I am working out what's happened, can I run the unit as a push start generator?  where would I connect the load (I am assuming in the lower box that's fixed to the generator?)

The unit fires up fine and runs fine with the wedge inserted in the solenoid


1945 Lister CS 5/1 driving a sawbench
1963 Lister CS 8/1 Startomatic  4.5 KVA