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Help needed with identifying old Lister generator


I have acquired a very old, very rusty generator set.  I replaced the battery and new solenoid - it started up straight away, runs very well, purrs like a kitten.  But I don't know what the output from the generator is.  Can anyone help.  Pictures of the only plates I can find are attached - one on the actual generator and one on the engine.  If anyone can help to identify and tell me what the KW output is from the generator it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Bob

Is it directly coupled, or belt driven?

The ST1 is a 10.5hp @ 3000rpm engine; this would give you about 6kW (with a bit of safety margin thrown in); but if it's directly coupled then the engine will be goverened to 1500rpm, at which (at a guess) you'll be getting 5-6hp, for a maximum of probably 2.5kW, maybe 2kW if it's at the lower end.

Assuming it's making power, a simple test would be to plug a couple of 2kW electric fires into it (ideally, the type you can switch between 1kw/2kw); keep adding load until the engine bogs and doesn't recover, and that gives you - approximately - your max load.


It is directly coupled.  When the weather is suitable I shall put some load on.  It does work, I had an electric drill running, but that is only a few watts.

For your information, it is on a trailer with a telescopic pole and was used as a lighting plant.  The original cover had completely rotted off and now has a temporary plywood cover to keep some of the weather off.  I was very surprised when it started and produced power, so quite enthusiastic to get it cleaned up and see how much power I can get out of it.

Thanks very much for your advice so far.

Thanks Ade for the help! 

To conclude the story - as I said before, it started up nicely and produced power.  The second time I tried it, the engine ran fine but produced no output power from the generator.  So I took it to a genny doctor friend and found it was only the bushes stuck, a little help with WD40 and all was well.  He tried 3.5Kw and it seemed to run OK, so today I got it back home and I tried with 4Kw - the engine produced black smoke and started to slow down, so I will put a limit of 3Kw to err on the safe side for this generator.  But now all is working fine, thank you.  But if anyone has any spare part list for this generator, or a pdf for it it would be much appreciated.  The engine seems quite easy to find parts here in the Falkland Islands, but generator appears a mystery to me.



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