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Does anyone no how to remove the old end cover oil seal to replace it? listerst1

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Does anyone no how to remove the old end cover oil seals to replace it? on a lister st1, I cant figure out how to remove it and don't want to crack the end cover haha

If you can post a clear picture I could answer your question as I have not been down in this area on mine as yet. Some oil seals you can pick out from the outside and others have to be pushed out from the inside. If there is a lip of the alloy cover in front of the seal then it is out from the inside but a pic helps a lot.

If it is a conventional lip seal and comes out "outwards" - one accepted practice is to drill a couple of small holes (maybe 2mm?) at top and bottom, or at each side - wherever access allows - and screw a pair of short TEK screws into the holes so the heads are maybe 8mm out from the surface of the seal.  Then use a baby pry bar or perhaps a claw hammer, or vice grips and a big screwdriver as a lever - and pull them out.  Have a google - there will be videos explaining this for sure.  Cheers

damaged seal

cheers fellas, I've looked in the manual and cant find anything on how to remove it either


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