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Start-o-matic relay sequency

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Curious ....

On a genuine start-o-matic, how does the starting system know when to release the decompression lever to allow starting. ?    ???
I would assume the starting motor does not fight compression immediately.

Not first hand experience here but from what I have read and youtube videos I believe the starting winding does have to overcome compression immediately. The videos I have seen you can hear the solenoid actuate the decompressor(removing it from under the valve lifter) and fuel rack(opening it) and then the flywheels start turning. There is another click that can be heard as the engine comes up to speed but I believe that is another relay/solenoid switching over from supplying starting current to the DC windings to pulling charging current from them and charging the battery. I believe it is either timed or orchestrated by monitoring the current the dc start winding is pulling. I believe you can also hear a relay energizing the output to the load once up to speed.

Hugh Conway:
Here is a pdf of the start-o operation (hope it posts). I can't make out if the starter turns against compression. I've not attempted to get my start-o-matic system to operate, so removed the bits and use hand starting. With the COV as originally installed and set to high compression, it starts very easily, unlike my listeroid.
If I've done this incorrectly, and the pdf does not work, PM me, and I will attemptto email the file.

Hugh Conway:
Just ran across a webpage that fully explains the startomatic operation. Looks like the starter DOES turn against compression.
The site explains general operation, starting sequence, and the refurbishing of a 5/1 start o gen set.


Thanks very much Hugh.
I was thinking about automating my starting process with a couple of DC linear actuators and an Arduino controller.
I was particularly interested in the timing of the compression release on a Startomatic. However, I cannot use the same starting sequence as an SOM since my starter will not overcome compression from a dead stop.
It has no trouble once the wheels are rotating, but the initial inertia combined with compression is too much.
So my plan would be to .... Open the rack ... allow say 5 seconds for the wheels to spin up ... then allow compression.
During shutdown the actuator would move to the decompress mode ready for the next start.

Some sort of rpm or generator output sensor would be used to confirm a successful start.

Oh.... so your SOM is not working ....  that must make you very angry.   >:(   In fact I bet you want to get rid of that thing.
I offer to drive from one province over and remove that malfunctioning SOM machine for you. No charge to cart it away. ;D
Now .... where did I put my ferry schedule  ???


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