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Hello all and.....

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Hello all, I have been lurking every now and again and gleened some excellent information over the years, thankyou.
I have helped a neighbour fit this generator and jury rig it to test it, he is totally off grid and his old one died.
It fired up very easily and there was a tiny orange glow from the power, I eased all the brushes and the orange glow got a tiny bit brighter, repeat try again and after 5 mins on came the power and away she went...

In the top box there are a couple of melted wires from the switch and a couple of wires snapped off from the two fuel and decompress solenoids, I have had a look to my ability on this site and on the web for a diag or photo but as yet have drawn a blank.It is not a startomatic but a manual electric start, could anyone point us in the right direction for
rewiring this box up as much of the wiring could do with a refresh!

Ps. sorry for the picture links, I dont know how to add the actual pictures! Jasp.

I am wondering if it is missing the rectifier!
Any pointers to where to purchase one would be welcome too.

1000v 50 amp rectifier on ebay A$10.00

Thanks, so would that be just a standard bridge rectifier?


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