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Removing the camshaft CS6

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I have been applying penetrant to the govenor and trying to move it on the cam with a hammer and punch, I am not making progress and Iím concerned that I will damage the governor... so I have decided to remove the cam... Question...... what holds it in ? I have removed the pushrods and raised the lifters out of the way, there is obviously a retainer or something holding it in...

Thanks Owenga....

On the side opposite of the fuel pump there is a cover. If you remove that cover there is a collar and pin in the end of the cam.

Iíve got the cam out ok, the spool that slides on the cam is seized solid and worn, Iím going to remove the fuel pump lobe and the spool.. I will machine up a new spool out of mild steel, itís not a component that is under much load, Iíll check the cam shaft for straight whilst itís in the lathe...


Iím hoping someone can help with removing the fuel lobe pin I know itís tapered and I tried punching it out from what appears to be the thin end and had no joy. I can drill it then punch the remenent but that is a last resort.... Any suggestions


Had I noticed your problem before you tried to remove it I could have offered good advise,, sorry.  The way to remove the taper pins is first be certain you know which end is the small end and solid support is needed under the lobe. With all that accomplished and drift in hand you give the pin a good hard whack to remove it. The common mistake are many light hits or flimsy support which serves to swell both the end of the pin and indeed in the bore making removal more difficult.  That being said not all is lost. Drilling, unless preformed in a precise manner is the last resort but a heating the lobe will almost always allow even a swelled pin to be punched out.


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