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Seized govenor CS6


I have carefully removed the governor housing and the shaft (not the cam) is seized,I can free that up but I see the mechanism that slides on the cam and the weights are stuck. Can someone tell me how to find the timing  marks as I want to remove the cam and get it all working so it will govern itself..

I have concluded from this that another CS that I know of has been retired because of over volt issues, Iím thinking it has similar problems and is just over reving .....
I look forward to some help with timing.......Daryl..

I'd try to loosen it in place before taking it all apart.  can you get penetrating oil on it for a couple days ?

 simply make your own marks. Using a center punch mark on tooth on the idler and the teeth either side of it on the cam. Do not turn the engine as the marks you made will then  be useless. That being said you should be able to loosen things up with the cam in place with penetrant and gentile tapping


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